What Causes Missouri Boat Accidents and Injuries?

Dozens of boating accidents occur every year in Missouri. Recently, these types of injury accidents have been happening more frequently. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the leading causes of these accidents include:

  • Inexperienced operators
  • Boating under the influence (BUI)
  • Falling overboard
  • Operator inattention
  • Collision with a recreational vehicle
  • Collision with a fixed object
  • Speeding
  • Flooding
  • Grounding
  • Swamping
  • Inadequate (or missing) safety equipment
  • Defective vessels or safety equipment

Other causes of boating accidents in and around the state include overcrowded waterways, poor weather conditions, limited visibility, and navigation rule violations.

Boating Accidents and Negligence

At the root of most accidents is negligence. Negligence is the failure to behave in a way that someone else would behave in the same or similar circumstances or the failure to take proper care in doing something.

In some cases, more than one individual or party might be negligent in causing a boating accident. Under state law, you can potentially hold each one of them liable. People or entities that might be liable for your damages include:

  • Boat passengers or occupants
  • Boating operators
  • Boat rental companies
  • Employers of negligent parties
  • Boat manufacturers or retailers
  • Government agencies

When you hire a St. Louis boat accident lawyer from our firm, we work hard to uncover all sources of potential compensation for your injuries. This includes identifying all parties who could be responsible for your accident. Each party that accepts their potential liability through a settlement offer or is assigned liability in litigation will pay for their portion of your damages.

For example, let’s say you are involved in a boat accident linked to a defective boat part, and the boat rental company knew there was a recall for the defective part. Since the defective part manufacturer sold it and the boat rental company knowingly let you rent the boat without the recall being fixed, they could both be liable for your resulting damages.

The Missouri Statute of Limitations for Boat Accidents

After a boat accident, you only have a limited time to seek financial compensation for your injuries, no matter their severity. Under Missouri state law, the statute of limitations or deadline for boat accident cases is generally five years from the date of the accident or the discovery of the injury.

However, it’s important to note that you might have a diminished window of time to assert your legal rights if you believe a government agency or employee is at fault for your injuries. You can be certain that you’ll lose the right to recover a financial award through the civil court system if you don’t start legal action on time.

Were You Injured in a Boating Accident? Contact a St. Louis Boating Accident Attorney Today for Help

Unfortunately, despite boating being both a relaxing and exciting activity, people can still get hurt due to the negligence of others. Suppose you are injured in a boating accident due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, you should promptly seek legal help from an experienced St. Louis boating accident lawyer.

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