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Motorcycles are a popular and easy way to get around, commute, or enjoy the Missouri scenery. However, the same things that make a motorcycle fun to drive are the same things that can make it dangerous. The lack of a protective structure, airbags, or seatbelt can cause a biker to suffer serious injury when involved in a collision with a larger, heavier vehicle.

A full recovery from a motorcycle wreck means more than just your physical health, but also enough coverage for your emotional and financial health. The Hayden Law Firm understands this and provides strong representation for your injury claim.

The Roads are Treacherous for Motorcyclists

Missouri highways are perfect for hitting the open road, but you must always be on high alert when on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists face a unique set of dangers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in a crash when compared to car passengers. In 2019, there were 121 motorcycle fatalities in Missouri, which accounted for 14 percent of all traffic-related fatalities in the state. It’s also worth pointing out that 99 percent of people who died in motorcycle-related crashes in Missouri were the motorcyclists themselves.

When the contest is between a three-ton car and a motorcycle that weighs five times less than that, the motorcyclist usually comes out on the losing end. Because a motorcycle doesn’t have the impact-absorbing ability of a passenger vehicle, even a minor accident can inflict lifelong or catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and loss of limb injuries.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent or inattentive drivers who “don’t see” motorcycles. Examples of their behaviors include:

• Driving while distracted
• Changing lanes or turning without looking for nearby motorcycles
• Failing to stop or yield to motorcycles when necessary
• Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, slowing reaction time
• Speeding or driving recklessly
• Opening the doors of parked vehicles without checking for motorcycles

Additional causes include construction crews leaving debris and dangerous objects on the road and government entities failing to maintain safe roadways.

You Don’t Have to Fight Your Battle Alone

At The Hayden Law Firm, we do everything we can to get the compensation you need after a serious crash and injury, and this all comes down to thorough preparation. As soon as you get us involved, we will get to work on locating key witnesses to the accident, retaining police reports, and contacting physicians who can speak on your behalf about your injuries. We pair our experience at the negotiation table with our deep knowledge of St. Louis personal injury law to give you the best chance of success when dealing with the insurance company. Contact us today to get started.