How Common Are Self-Driving Car Accidents?

Self-driving cars are the new fad! But are they safe? We have answers and statistics for you.


  • About 9.1 driverless car crashes occur per million miles driven.
  • Overall, there have been around 37 Uber test vehicle crashes.
  • At the moment, no self-driving car operating on US roads is completely autonomous.
  • Autonomous cars statistics show that an Uber self-driving vehicle killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

Tesla’s Involvement

  • 11 Tesla self-driving vehicle accidents have been reported in the last four years.
  • Three Tesla drivers have lost their lives in accidents involving Tesla’s Autopilot in the last six years.
  • In 2019, the self-driving Tesla Model S caused a pedestrian fatality in Florida.
  • A Tesla driver died in 2018 when the Model X SUV accelerated and crashed into a safety barrier.
  • Another example of self-driving car accidents is Tesla smashing into a parked police car and a Mercedes SUV in 2021.

What Type of Accidents are Most Common?

The most common type of self-driving car accident is being hit from the rear. The second most common type is a side swipe. These are likely due to the fact that self-driving cars can mainly avoid danger from in front of them, but do not preform as well with danger coming from other angles.

Self driving car accidents are not as common as you would think, but they are still out there. As the popularity of self-driving cars increases, we will likely see an increase in accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a self-driving vehicle accident, call us today at 314-480-3100 to speak to a proven injury lawyer about your autonomous vehicle accident and find out about your legal options.