Four Most Common Construction Site Injuries and How to Prevent Them

A study performed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that one out of every
five worker deaths in private industry in 2019 was in construction.

What is causing all of these accidents and how can you avoid them?

1. Falls

Falls can happen due to various things such as slippery ground, uneven surfaces, or
improper ladder use. To prevent falls:

  • Keep all work areas clean and decluttered.
  • Make sure you have three contact points when mounting and dismounting equipment.
  • Make sure all employees wear shoes with adequate traction.
  • Follow all safety regulations for ladders.
  • Use appropriate fall equipment such as guardrails and safety net

2. Struck by an object

This type of injury occurs when a person is struck by an object or a piece of equipment.
Ways to avoid these accidents are:

  • Block off dangerous areas.
  • Wear any necessary PPE.
  • Train employees on where to position themselves at work.
  • Avoid proximity to suspended objects.
  • Make sure materials are secured so that they do not fall.

3. Electrocution

The most common result of electrocution is a burn, but cardiac arrest and nerve damage
can also occur. You can avoid these injuries by:

  • Using all required PPE.
  • De-energizing equipment and using proper lockout and tag-out procedures
  • Train employees to keep a safe distance from parts that are energized.

4. Caught in/between

These traumatic accidents occur when workers get caught in or between objects like a
wall. Follow these tips to avoid these injuries:

  • Do not place yourself between heavy equipment and an immovable object.
  • Do not place body parts near moving objects.
  • Do not wear long sleeves, jewelry, or other items that can catch a moving object.
  • Do not work in an area where water accumulates or there is no way to evacuate.
  • Do not get in the swing radius of a moving object.