Can You Still File A Claim If You Are Partially At Fault For A Car Accident?

Car accidents are not always black and white. Sometimes it is easy to point to another driver’s negligence as the cause of the accident. Other times, however, you may be partially at fault. In these cases, Missouri law dictates that you may still be entitled to compensation for damages incurred due to the accident.  If […]

Not Everything is an Act of God

Missouri drivers know how challenging wintertime driving can be. Heavy snowfall and icy roads may deter some from driving, and those who venture outside must move slowly and carefully to their destination. However, despite inclement weather’s challenges to drivers, a Department of Public Safety study determined that less than 4% of Missouri car crashes occurred during snowy […]

What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims?

What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims? When you think of a personal injury claim, what do you think of? A car accident or a workplace injury? Surprisingly, there are many different types of personal injury claims; here is the ten most common: 1. Car Accident This type of personal injury claim is the most common […]

How Common Are Self-Driving Car Accidents?

Self-driving cars are the new fad! But are they safe? We have answers and statistics for you. Commonality Tesla’s Involvement What Type of Accidents are Most Common? The most common type of self-driving car accident is being hit from the rear. The second most common type is a side swipe. These are likely due to the fact […]